The history

Chic & Paper is a brand that makes our love for paper and beautiful things, with clear innovative will but maintaining the knowledge and emerged experience of the family tradition in the packaging and stationery sector since 1950. The Work, commitment, quality and service are some of the values that define us and that have enabled the brand to grow in a structured and responsible manner.

Decoration and elegance

If you are looking for a direct packaging for your business at Chic & Paper, we design and create products on paper, decorated cellulose, PVC, kraft, silk coils, envelopes for quick easy packaging and with our exclusive designs.

Chic & Paper is designed from a much more decorative and elegant perspective to make homes, shops ... more beautiful spaces.

On the CHIC & PAPER website you will find our entire line of packaging with the entire collection of wrapping paper, envelopes, tissue paper all with the exclusive designs of CHIC & PAPER. We also offer our line for home with paper placemats to dress your table very quickly. Resistant, ecological and super chics.

In addition to accessories to complete your packaging.




We are the most chic packaging manufacturers for your business. Coils / Bags / Envelopes ...